About Us

Indigenous Medicine is an ancient wisdom tradition of healthcare and healing techniques passed down through generations of native people. Indigenous medical knowledge and practices dispersed throughout the country are the culture-bound repositories of ancestral wisdom that prevailed through generations. Four main systems of traditional medicine have been adopted in Sri Lanka: Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Hela wedakma. 

However, Sri Lankan Indigenous Medicine is facing massive challenges in the present. No legal proper authorities and research development institutes, which drastically affected the reputation and quality of the Indigenous Medicine. That is a very pathetic situation of the nation. Protect our Indigenous Medicine is our obligation as Sri Lankan citizens.

Siddha.lk is the turning point of the Sri Lankan Ayurvedic industry. We open the path to accelerate the growth of the industry by providing extraordinary service to customers and vendors. Mainly we focus to rebuild the reputation of the Indigenous Medicine and maintain the quality because many Sri Lankan patients get away regarding those factors. According to that we are the game changers and revolutionary of the industry. 

Siddha.lk is the proud venture of the Alpha Management Group (Pvt) Ltd, established in 2021. This is the online platform for ayurvedic consumers to fulfil their needs with better standards. Siddha.lk is the main virtual platform which providing drug standardization in Sri Lanka. This is our competitive advantage, when considering with other online platforms. As well as we identify the customer need and quickly introduce our vender products by using expertise IT and management knowledge of the company. However, Sri Lanka have not proper and standard place to buy medicine with specialist instruction. Siddha.lk is the answer of your health needs. This is only beginning; we inherit a golden past and sunrising future. We warmly welcome you to join with us in our glorious journey. 


Our Vision

All people are healthy people

Our Mission

To bring back the glorious goodwill of the Sri Lankan Indigenous Medicine which is one of the heritages of the nation by using modern technology and hidden knowledge of Sri Lankan traditional Indigenous Medicine, as well as we establish proper Indigenous Medicine system to secure our indigenous medicine heritage against all the challengers for protecting this priceless gift to our younger generations. This is our mission as well as duty as a Sri Lankan.

Our Values

Make a Difference

To the community, the environment, and the people. From the world's most respected suppliers, we responsibly source the sustainable and quality natural items. We actively promote better, more sustainable lifestyles and work to make healthier choices more accessible. We aim to make a good difference in the world for ourselves and future generations.

Staff Wellbeing

We provide a positive work atmosphere in which our employees are encouraged to thrive and grow. We are ambitious, enthusiastic about what we do, work together to achieve significant results, stay focused, and get things done. We value each team member's contribution, knowing that while each of us can make a difference on our own, we are stronger and more capable of driving change when we work together.

Trust and Integrity

We cultivate authentic and honest connections with our customers, suppliers, partners, and coworkers. We appreciate honesty and integrity; we look forward to collaborating with people who share our values and goals. We pay attention to individuals who are respectful able to work in a multicultural safe environment where the people will be able to work and challenge each other and grow within themselves.

Innovation, Education, and Inspiration

We encourage big ideas and encourage creativity. We are inquisitive and appreciate sharing insight and knowledge that helps us achieve our goals. We actively support the development of creative products, keep things genuine, push limits, and do our best to pave the path for others to follow in our footsteps.